Know The Hidden Rules Of The Game

Everything becomes simpler when you know the hidden rules of the game and how to play to them. Understanding these subtle but important hidden rules of the sales game will change your results …

Selling really is a simple concept.

We communicate with another person and express value that will help them with a problem that they already have. 

If we can help them see the problem for what it really is, and how we can help solve it for them, there is a sale to be made.

But there are some hidden rules of human nature that we can’t afford to ignore.

Humans are hard-wired for resistance. 

We need to flip resistance into acceptance to make the sale.

If you confuse them, you lose them! 


Complexity = effort = resistance.


Simplicity = easy = acceptance.


There is nothing more effective in selling than to let your customer SEE you as the simplest solution available.


People will buy simple and easy every time because its, well … simple and easy.


Simple and easy to use has been a cornerstone of Apple’s technology and a cornerstone of their sales process … and they became the greatest company in the world!


Give it some thought … if you only had a ten second shot to communicate the value of what you do, how would you express it?


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