Courage And Vulnerability

Vulnerability and humility are sometimes seen as traits of weakness, when they are actually core traits of strength displayed by true and authentic thought leaders.

True thought leaders have the courage of vulnerability and the wisdom of humility.

True thought leaders share their ideas with the world and welcome feedback, challenge and debate.

Their ideas are often central to their identity and what they believe.  

Sharing this with the world requires a level of vulnerability to stay true to your idea and still encourage the debate.  

This level of vulnerability requires courage.  

Vulnerability may even be the greatest form of courage.

Being open to new ideas requires humility.  

The humble thought leader knows that the only thing that gets in the way of new discovery is ego and attachment to being.

The authentic thought leader has the level of wisdom that only humility can provide.

If you’re a thought leader, think how much more powerful your thoughts would be when delivered with the courage of vulnerability and the wisdom of humility.