A Familiar Scenario

It’s a familiar scenario … you’re a thought leader with a big idea. But like all big ideas, you still face a significant challenge …

Your idea creates so much value, BUT …

… it’s also complex and hard to explain! 

We all want a simple, purchase process … I pay you some money and you give me a product I need or want.

The problem is your great idea is not yet a product, it’s just a thought – a service or advice. 

It is much easier to sell a tangible product than it is to sell a service or advice.  

Every business should turn whatever it sells into a product.

But how do you turn an idea into a tangible product? 

You turn it into a blueprint first. 

Think about a property developer who has an idea for a new apartment building.  The apartments can’t be sold while they’re still an idea in the developer’s mind.

 To sell the apartments, the developer creates floor plans and then they sell the apartments “off the plan”.

Visual models do the same to a big, business idea. 

They turn ideas into blueprints for the brain that your prospect can see and understand.

When they can see and undertand your idea … they can buy it.

So the question is, have you turned your biggest idea into a powerful visual model that will drive revenue and growth?


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