Don’t Tell Me…Show Me!

Stop!  Don’t tell me about your brilliant idea … show me!

Your idea only becomes valuable when others understand and agree with it enough to see the value hidden within.

So many business owners express frustration at the tendency for customers to buy on price. 

It’s as if there’s an expectation that the customer should automatically understand the value in their solution and therefore want to pay a premium for it.

Here’s a challenging thought … 

It is not the customer’s job to agree with you. 

It’s your job to communicate value to them, in a way that removes all resistance to agreement. 

If they push back on price, then they simply don’t agree with your perception of value.

Value is not CREATED when you come up with the idea. 

It is created when the idea turns into a communication that sells it.

Value only exists when someone else agrees with it.

Then, when you deliver that value, reputation is created.

Here’s the flow:

Idea (opportunity) >> Communication (value) >> Delivery (reputation).

A powerful visual model of your idea becomes a sight-bite that others can see and believe. 

Visual models are the million-dollar maps of your thinking that stop you from hiding your ideas from the world.

How visually accessible are your big ideas?