Complexity v Success

Complexity is the enemy of successful selling … and yet a lot of people use jargon and overly complex communication to sound smart.  Is there a better way?

All complex ideas are contentious until they are understood.

In other words, until your customer is able to grasp the principle idea behind your product or service, in a tangible and palpable way, they are left with no choice but to assume that it may not work.

None of us like to think we aren’t smart enough to understand an idea when it is presented to us.  

So, if your sales communication is too complex, rather than assume that they are the problem, the average customer will assume that your product or service is the problem.

After all, if it can’t be easily understood, then how hard must it be to use!

So how do you de-jargonise and simplify complex ideas?

You draw a visual model.

You let the customer SEE the idea and catch the STRUCTURE of the idea through a model … a blueprint for the brain.

When you draw and talk, the listener becomes much more engaged than when you just talk. 

They can point and ask questions about something specific, without having to admit to not understanding the whole thing.

Replace complex language with a clear model and conversions will go up.