The Real Challenge

The real challenge for any thought leader is not about sounding intelligent.  The real challenge is to express complex ideas in a way that connects with even the simplest thought processes …

Every idea sits on a scale between hard to understand (cognitively difficult) and easy to understand (cognitively easy).

At the easy end of the scale, a few really important things happen.

When an idea is easy to understand, acceptance is more likely.  When it is hard to understand resistance is likely.

Easy ideas require less effort from the listener.  Difficult ideas require more work. People are more likely to “check out” of a difficult idea.

Easy ideas evoke associative emotions of subtle pleasure.  Difficult ideas evoke emotions of uncertainty.

Easy ideas can be retrieved more easily.  Difficult ideas are more complex to recall.  

Information that cannot be retrieved, even subconsciously from memory, does not exist.  Therefore, difficult ideas may simply fail to exist for some listeners.

To sell a powerful message, simplify the language, increase the curiosity factor, create rhythm, memorability and visibility of the idea.

Exchange the ego of being smart with the impact of being heard.

So, how simply do ??? communicate?