‘Big Idea’

We’ve all had that moment of the “Big Idea”.  You thought of something everyone needs and you’re sure it is going to make you a fortune.  Sadly, the idea itself has no value …

Even the greatest ideas in history had no value!  

They only became valuable when the majority of people agreed with, and benefited from, them.

That means the idea must become an action (services) or an object (products) in the real world.

The potential for your value only becomes real based on the choice others make about it.

The success of your big idea is driven by how you communicate the value of it.

Value is an equation about communication and choice.

Value (Communication) = Engagement X Understanding X Agreement X Sharing (Choice)

All value is contained within the communication that causes others to engage, understand, agree with and share that value.

It’s a multiplication equation.  

If just one of the four variables drops to zero, all the value disappears.

So how do you make this happen fast and without any unnecessary emotional pressure?

Use powerful, choreographed visual models to communicate the idea.

And if you’d like to see how we do just that, check out the Quick Videos page on our website – see the link in the first comment below.