I Wonder

Every time I go to a new city I wonder what I’m going to find.  

What will it be like, what will I SEE, what will the people be like?  

Will I like it and want to come back?  Is this a city I’ll talk about?

We’re in Dallas to deliver a 2-day workshop on visual sales models to a group of progressive business owners.

Dallas is a great place.  

So green, clean, modern buildings mixed with old. 

In the photo there is an amazing suspension bridge – incredible engineering.

Yet it’s most memorable aspect is how it LOOKS.

When we go somewhere new, our first impressions are usually visual.

We take a place in through the eyes first.  Then the sounds and smells kick in.

Dallas is full of history – the JFK assassination, the early settlement of the area.

But the first appeal is visual and sets our first impression.  

Is this place interesting?  

Do I like it?  

Do I want to explore further?

Customers form the same first impression about us.

Are we interesting? 

Do they like us?  

Do they want to explore further?

So, do you model your magic visually for them?  Can they SEE it?

Do you have powerful visual models to SHOW your value, so they want to explore further?

How do you make your business LOOK interesting?  Let me know …