An Overwhelming Amount Of Information

There is an overwhelming amount of information out there for business owners to understand and implement and we have to start to wonder – is it all really making a difference?

Business owners today are flooded with tips, tricks, systems and technology that they are told they just have to implement, or be left behind.

But is that true?

There is the real risk that with so many things to implement, the core of the business can get lost really quickly. 

When a business has a strong core, everyone in the business can answer a simple question …

What are the three ways your business wins in its market?

I won’t go into why just three, but suffice to say, three is an important number psychologically.

So, what are the three ways your business wins?  Winning implies you are better at those three things than everyone else.

Do you out-think the rest of the market?

Perhaps you out-sell them?

Maybe you out-serve the rest of the market?

What are the three ways you win in your market and does everyone in your business know that those three things are critical to everyone in the business being successful?

Let me know your three things.